• We are the innovation and research laboratory
    of the Barcelona School of Informatics
    We develop R+D multidisciplinar projects
    and transfer our knowledge to the society

Security and ICT Infrastructures 12/09

Join our team and you’ll be able to work in a professional environment focused on the development of innovative projects.

Participate and gets additional and complementary values, skills and abilities to the ones acquired in your ordinary studies, that will help you position yourself as a future professional boosting your ability entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Participaràs en el programa formatiu TALENT, desenvolupant projectes en l’àmbit de: Seguretat i Infraestructures TIC.

20 hours per week with morning hours
  • Be a student of the FIB with the initial phase passed
  • Interested in training and facing new challenges.
  • Basic knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Catalan and Spanish spoken and written.
  • Good level of English.

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