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Albert Obiols,  postgraduated in Big Data Management and Analytics,  Computer Science Engineer and Diplomat in Computer Systems all of them at the UPC – Barcelona Tech. He is currently head of the Data Science & Big Data Area of the inLab FIB, where he works since 1993.  He has been working in several projects for the University,  as for other institutions and companies. His fields of expertise are based on the data analysis and visualization, Big Data technologies, databases, web technologies,  Android native mobile applications and  academic management.

Main projects directed

inlab FIB participates in the Advanced Digital Technologies in Cybersecurity project, collaborating with the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia and the i2Cat Foundation, implementing an artificial intelligence module to classify and extract information from security incidents.

Main projects participated

An AI system that generates rose images from a sketch and a brief description. The result is an image with one or more roses that follows the shape of the sketch and tries to reflect the descriptive text.

Blog articles

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