Smart Mobility

Description of Intelligent Mobility

We are experts in the management of urban and interurban mobility by solving problems of both public transportation systems and traffic generated by private vehicles.

  • Treatment of new mobility concepts: car sharing, on-demand transportation, connected vehicle, electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle, etc.
  • Management of new transportation/mobility modes and services: bike sharing, bike sharing, scooters, etc.
  • Processing of mobility and traffic data from new sources: GPS, mobile, Bluetooth detection antennas, social networks, etc.
  • Mathematical optimization models: routing, location or assignment algorithms to improve the efficiency of current mobility services.
  • Simulation: use of traffic simulation software (macro, meso or microscopic), emission and air quality simulation to make predictions about possible mobility scenarios.
  • Artificial intelligence and data science: machine learning algorithms to make traffic, parking, demand or vehicle occupancy predictions.

Smart Mobility Success Stories

Image processing and intelligent learning for the identification of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.
ITS Spain is a non-profit Association founded in 2002 with the objective of uniting the public, private and academic sectors related to Intelligent Transportation Systems
The eBRT2030 project will create a new generation of advanced, all-electric, urban and peri-urban European Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), enhanced with novel automation and connectivity functionalities to support sustainable urban transport.