Data Science and Big Data

Data Science and Big Data Description

In the Data Science and Big Data Area, we are experts in data-driven decision making, i.e. data management and analysis.

Data management: Collection, storage, integration and processing of data.

  • From where? Own and third party data (Open Data, Internet of Things, etc.).
  • System architectures based on Big Data (distributed systems), Data Warehousing.
  • AdvancedTechniques : NOSQL Techniques, Data Vectorization, Big Data Integration, Big Data Quality, etc.

Data analysis: data preparation for analysis, feature generation, model learning/creation, model validation, interpretation and visualization.

  • Type of analysis: descriptive (query & reporting, OLAP, descriptive statistics, graph analytics), predictive (data mining, machine learning, process-oriented data science, streaming, etc.).
  • Advanced techniques: explanation of outcome, causality, ethics and equity.
  • Visualization: dashboards, what-if analysis, geospatial, temporal, networks, advanced visual analytics, etc.

Data Science and Big Data Success Stories

inlab FIB participates in the Advanced Digital Technologies in Cybersecurity project, collaborating with the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia and the i2Cat Foundation, implementing an artificial intelligence module to classify and extract information from security incidents.