AI in “Marble Smashers”

Duration of the project:
May, 2024 –
September, 2024
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project
AI in “Marble Smashers”


Integron Universe S.L. is a company dedicated to the creation and production of video games. Its services include design and creation of video games for its own development and distribution, design and creation of video games for third parties, design and creation of video games with distribution in the hands of third parties.

In one of its current projects, entitled “Marble Smashers”, Integron requires the implementation of an artificial intelligence system that dynamically generates a map where the progression of the video game is managed. This map will be based on nodes, the order and content of which will be governed by a series of qualitative criteria based on user enjoyment and retention, as well as quantitative criteria of difficulty.

InLab FIB is in charge of consulting and implementation of a pilot test that includes the use of artificial intelligence.