Exploration of EMEF data by ITS Spain

Duration of the project:
January, 2023 –
September, 2023
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project
Exploration of EMEF data by ITS Spain


ITS Spain is a non-profit Association founded in 2002 with the objective of uniting the public, private and academic sectors related to Intelligent Transportation Systems, to make the mobility of people and goods through the different methods of transportation safer, more sustainable and efficient.


ITS Spain wants inLab FIB to develop a project so that:

  • Explore the 2021 WMS (Weekday Mobility Surveys) data and elaborate activity clusters according to the type of the WMS 2018-2021 samples
    Make the characterization of activity sequences and daily mobility behavior patterns of residents to the macro-zones defined for the WMS data dams and the relationship with land use characteristics.
  • The analysis of activity sequences involves the definition of the state of travelers in each minute of a day and the calculation of fragmentation indicators representing the complexity of their activity patterns (entropy, turbulence, complexity, etc.).
  • A characterization of daily mobility patterns has been carried out via clustering. The classification of activity sequences requires dimensionality reduction prior to unsupervised hierarchical classification.
  • The necessary software has been developed for the orchestration of WMS survey data from 2018 to 2021 that can be extended to incorporate new WMS surveys.