Specific WG Digitization: Real applicability of artificial intelligence in the foodservice sector

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Specific WG Digitization: Real applicability of artificial intelligence in the foodservice sector

The Foodservice Cluster, oriented to promote and strengthen the competitiveness of the food service sector segment in Catalonia, has organized a conference on the Real applicability of artificial intelligence in Foodservice at the UPC Rectorate Boardroom. The event was attended by some fifty company representatives and three different presentations were given.

The first presentation was given by Oleguer Sagarra co-funder and Co-CEO of the company DRIBIA who spoke about How to predict food demand and food waste. DRIBIA is a company dedicated to designing algorithms that use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to understand, predict and optimize business processes.

Next, Ernest Teniente, Director of inLab FIB, spoke about the Possibilities of AI for the improvement and optimization of distribution and logistics. Ernest presented the inLab FIB project to the attendees and explained how to improve productivity and/or services offered by a company with predictive analytics, optimization or a digital twin.

Finally, Jordi Navarro, Innovation Development Manager at Grupo AIA, spoke about product innovation, application of customer intelligence and pricing automation. Grupo AIA develops innovative software solutions based on algorithms originating in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Once the three presentations were over, the attendees visited our facilities and were able to see first-hand some of the projects carried out at inLab FIB and what our working environment is like.

The visit was very well received and the attendees were very satisfied with the projects we carry out at inLab FIB, our training project and the work environment. We hope that the visit will allow us to develop projects for these companies in the not too distant future.

We would like to thank Irina Morena and Montse Solsona, from UPC Agrotech, and Clúster Foodservice for offering us this opportunity.