Project Manager

Albert Renom is a Computer Engineer by the FIB. Currently working in the area of development of technological projects (ADEPT) of inLab FIB where it is linked since 2009 but has worked in other structural units of the UPC since 1997 (1997-2000  Terrassa Campus and 2000-2009 ETSETB). He has participated in different projects of R + D + i with public and private entities, statistical projects, collaborative environments, web development, mobile applications and GIS systems. Nowadays is developing a PLN project (Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural)

Final Degree Projects directed

Sitmun 3 frontend prototype development


Main projects directed

The objective is to have a tool that is capable of representing the map of knowledge of the UPC and to be able to show areas of confluence of disciplines and emerging areas.

Main projects participated

inlab FIB participates in the Advanced Digital Technologies in Cybersecurity project, collaborating with the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia and the i2Cat Foundation, implementing an artificial intelligence module to classify and extract information from security incidents.
Support European CERT and CSIRT networks by detecting, sharing, responding and recovering from cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.
Creation of a Chatbot that allows UOC professors and students to personalize their academic activities.

Blog articles

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