TDA Cybersecurity

Duration of the project:
January, 2023 –
March, 2024
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TDA Cybersecurity


inlab FIB participates in the Advanced Digital Technologies in Cybersecurity project, collaborating with the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia and the i2Cat Foundation, implementing an artificial intelligence module to classify and extract information from security incidents.


Between 80%-90% of cyber-attacks have application users as the main target of their attacks. The desirable scenario is to have dynamic security for users and their devices depending on the degree of responsibility and tasks. The main generic problems to be solved are:


  • The management of a large number of users.
  • Difficulty in identifying and correlating user activity.
  • Lack of homogeneity in the devices used by users.
  • Coexistence of several configurations of the same device.
  • Lack of user cataloging criteria.