Transport of students from the Barcelona Special Education Centers by the CEB

Duration of the project:
October, 2019 –
January, 2020
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Transport of students from the Barcelona Special Education Centers by the CEB


The Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona (CEB) works to improve services to educational centers and citizens through a single educational network, in a framework of institutional collaboration between the Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council .

One of the functions of the CEB is the management of the transport service for the students of the Special Education Centers (CEE) in Barcelona. Currently, the aim is to improve this management with the aim of optimizing the available resources and, in addition, guaranteeing the criteria under which the service is assigned to students.

Thus, the main objective of this project is to carry out a feasibility analysis of the different proposals that the CEB is considering in order to improve the current management of the transport of the students of the CEEs of Barcelona considering their requirements and their resource constraints.

The FIB inLab is developing mathematical optimization algorithms to solve the corresponding demand allocation problems and routing for heterogeneous vehicle fleets (vehicles with different capacities or characteristics) and where demand can share vehicles and also has its particular characteristics (students with or without reduced mobility, who live outside Barcelona, etc.).