Aquesta persona ha acabat la seva estada amb nosaltres a l’inLab FIB

Gonzalo Recio has a degree in computer science from the UPC and has also studied the Master in Artificial Intelligence at the UPC with a final project dedicated to predicting bus employment. His areas of expertise are based on artificial intelligence and data science, especially in disciplines such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing and optimization.

Final Degree Projects directed

Desarrollo de un sistema para automatizar la asignación de guardias en centros hospitalarios


Main projects directed

Main projects participated

An AI system that generates rose images from a sketch and a brief description. The result is an image with one or more roses that follows the shape of the sketch and tries to reflect the descriptive text.
Design of new strategies, based on machine learning algorithms and data analysis, to improve the efficiency and performance of electric vehicle motors and batteries.

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