Airtos (AIdvanced Real Time Traffic Optimization System)

Duration of the project:
February, 2022 –
February, 2024
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Airtos (AIdvanced Real Time Traffic Optimization System)


The purpose of this project is to research and develop a disruptive traffic model pilot, which takes advantage of the possibilities of the latest advances in computing, communications and data sources. A model that overcomes these restrictions and introduces a new way of understanding, modelling and acting on traffic. The model will be applied on a real control system (SATURNO) with the aim of validating and verifying the application in possible cases of real uses.

This project is subsidized by ACCIÓ through the aid of Innotec (2021 call), they are grants for industrial research and experimental development projects between Catalan companies (ACISA) and TECNIO accredited technology developers (inLab FIB).