Aquesta persona ha acabat la seva estada amb nosaltres a l’inLab FIB

Jaume Moral is a computer engineer by the FIB. Since 1997 he works in web applications using different technologies, especially those based on Java and Oracle. He is interested in everything related to web aplication security, user authentication methods and systems integration. He currently focuses on the development of the FIB intranet (el Racó) and advises other web projects within inLab.

Final Degree Projects directed

Racó mobile for Android

Main projects directed

Provide a more modern, responsive website, with a more visual design, and reorganizing information to improve the user experience
Automate this process so that an optimal schedule can be generated for all faculty classes.
We want mails sent to a certain address to be automatically converted into tickets, taking advantage of the web services already provided by GN6 for this purpose.

Main projects participated