FIB Schedule Generator

Duration of the project:
February, 2015 –
March, 2016
Project Manager
  • Javier Larrosa
  • Otger Rogla
  • Axel López
Areas of expertise involved in the project
FIB Schedule Generator


The FIB schedules have so far been done quite manually, with a web-based tool to help edit them and check the most basic restrictions. The schedule generator is intended to automate this process so that an optimal schedule can be generated for all faculty classes, given the constraints of classroom types, allowed overlaps and available teachers.

The system consists of 2 components: the schedule generator itself, developed in C++ with the GECODE library, and a web front-end made in AngularJS on the client side and nodejs on the server side.

The project is carried out jointly with the Computer Science Department of the UPC, which provides expertise in algorithms for solving constraint-based problems.