UPCnet uTalk : Corporate messaging tool with social threading

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November, 2012 –
November, 2013
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UPCnet uTalk : Corporate messaging tool with social threading


UPCnet uTalk is an App developed by inLab FIB for UPCnet available for Android and iOS platforms. It is a multi-device corporate messaging tool with a social thread that has been specially designed for companies or organizations that need a communication tool among their employees and at the same time want to guarantee their privacy.

Nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones to perform all kinds of daily tasks on a regular basis. Because of this, we find ourselves in a different society than a few years ago in terms of the way we communicate, which has changed radically. While in the past it was most common to use SMS or calls, nowadays, social networks and instant messaging services are increasingly becoming the means of communication.

In most of these social networks and instant messaging applications, various personal data are required to register, such as name and surname, telephone number, or sensitive information we want to restrict to the personal sphere and prevent it from leaving this sphere.

For these reasons, UPCnet uTalk was created as a multiplatform, multi-device corporate messaging tool with a social thread designed especially for companies that need a tool to communicate with their employees and at the same time guarantee their privacy.

UPCnet uTalk offers a corporate activity stream (Social Thread) specially designed for companies and an instant messaging service where users can have private and group conversations, using only the credentials of the company or organization to which they belong without having to give their personal phone number or any other personal data.

In order to offer these services, UPCnet uTalk uses the information provided by MAX (a social activity engine developed by UPCnet).

Regarding the more social part of the application, MAX sends the information to the application using the format Activity Streams (format used by many of today’s social networks, such as MySpace, Windows Live, Google Buzz, BBC, Opera, TypePad, Gowalla, Gnip, Socialcast, Superfeedr, YIID…) and the application displays it only to users with the necessary credentials to view this information.

Another important feature of the application is instant messaging, since the application itself allows users to have real-time conversations with other users (also including support for group conversations). To enable instant messaging, the application communicates with MAX through websockets using the STOMP protocol. In case the user does not have the application open, they will receive what is called a Push Notification notifying them of the message they are receiving.

UPCnet uTalk is available for Android and iOS operating system devices and can be found in the various app markets:

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