Web of the FIB

Duration of the project:
November, 2015 –
March, 2017
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
  • La majoria del PAS de la FIB i de l’equip deganal participen d’aquest projecte, bé perquè han format part de l’equip de treball o bé perquè són els editors del web.
Areas of expertise involved in the project
Web of the FIB


The renovation of the FIB website is a project promoted by the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona together with the inLab FIB and which aims to provide a more modern, responsive website (adaptable to different devices), with a better design visual, and reorganizing information to improve the user experience.

One of the tasks that required more time when creating the new website was to reorganize and structure the content. To carry out this task, a working group was created made up of PAS of the FIB and part of the dean’s team. This team, with the help of interviews with students and their own experience, did a whole analysis of the old website, to see which aspects could be improved and/or made different in the new website.

In the technical section, the content manager has been changed, previously Magnòlia was used and now Drupal 7 is used using the Jollyness theme. This has involved designing specific templates for the different types of content, training the different editors in the new publishing tools, taking into account all the recommendations for the pages to be indexed as best as possible (using different SEO techniques).

One of the main objectives that were set was, not only that the website did not have duplicate content in different sections, but that all that information that is already available in the different information systems of the faculty or the UPC was easily published on the web and it would not be necessary to enter it again. For this reason, modules have been developed that, through the new API of the FIB 2.0, provide data on timetables, subjects of the different study plans, teaching guides, final degree projects, etc.

The new FIB website was published and presented on March 8, 2017 during the presentation of the FIB’s 40th anniversary events.

Once the website is published, the project is considered finished, however inLab is also responsible for its maintenance and continuous improvement.