Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress – IOT Solutions World Congress 2022

On May 10, 11 and 12, the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress – IoT Solutions World Congress was held. This is an event that showcases innovative solutions and technologies that are disrupting and transforming the industry and honors business and technology executives by creating a powerful competitive advantage. In the BCC, in addition to the main talks, […]

Fet a mida – Mobile phones also catch viruses


In recent weeks, there has been a trend on social media to talk about Pegasus, a spy virus only available to countries, following the discovery of this type of malware on the devices of some political figures. For this reason, René Serral and Manel Medina, professors at the FIB, have been invited to the space of […]

FlowCrypt the Chrome extension for message encryption


It is common to find ourselves in situations where we have to send documents with sensitive information by email, or share passwords via WhatsApp or Slack. The moment this sensitive information is sent, we give up the certainty that the information remains private. We may think that by using the HTTPS communication protocol we ensure […]

The importance of password managers


We live in a society where it is increasingly important to know how to protect passwords that give access to personal information that we have on the Internet, such as where we live, bank accounts, information about family members, etc. Unfortunately, there is always the chance of a password being stolen, so not doing everything […]