Kubernetes hosting platform (DESKUBE)

Duration of the project:
January, 2024 –
July, 2024
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inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project
Kubernetes hosting platform (DESKUBE)


Ilimit Comunicacions S.L., a company that has been offering hosting and managed services for more than 25 years, is an innovative company and wants to continue innovating so that its customers can deploy their applications in a much more flexible and secure way using a new platform that will provide these features.

InLab FIB collaborates with Ilimit helping in the development of this platform that will be based on Kubernetes, carrying out the following tasks:

  • Study and analysis of the different tools that can be used to set up, manage and monitor a Kubernetes cluster, taking into account the use cases indicated by the customer.
  • Design and configuration of the most appropriate platform, taking into account the selected tools and use cases.
  • Help in automating the deployment of this new platform.