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Do you want to be part of inLab's team?

Join our team and find a professional environment for developing innovative projects

By taking part in the program, you'll acquire values, abilities and skills complementary to the ones you'll acquire through your ordinary studies, which will help you in your professional future, boosting your innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Generic competences to be developed Responsibility, positive attitude, commitment and involvement, teamwork, critical attitude, Respect, Honesty, Self, Sustainability and social commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship

Location B6 Building, Campus Nord. inLab FIB

Initial period From June 3 to September 31 with the possibility of continuity

Workload 20 hours a week with flexible hours


  • Dynamic creation of the map of functional interrelations between the components of cloud systems for the evaluation of the risk associated with the life cycle of the products. The goal is to determine the impact on the end user of the changes produced on a serverless platform.


    • Be a student of the FIB with the initial phase passed
    • Catalan, Spanish and English, oral and written
    • JavaScript, C++
    • Conceptual model

    Positively valued skills

    • Agile methodologies
    • Compiler knowledge will be valued (ANTLR)

    Applications deadline Friday, 24 May, 2019

    To apply for the scholarship you must fill in the form before the deadline https://millot.upc.edu/CONV/indexBeques/becView?id=1747

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