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20/05/2015 - 16:42

esCERT-inLab-UPC, as closing of its 20th anniversary celebration, is co-organising with APWG.EU the eCrime2015 symposium. Prof. Manel Medina Founder and collaborator of esCERT-inLab-UPC, Coordinator of the Cyber-security Management MsC of UPC and President of the Scientific board of APWG.EU is the PC Chairman of the symposium.

For 2015 APWG will combine it's Spring and Fall meetings into one four day event that will bridge the gaps between cybersecurity operations, research and consumer messaging.

20/05/2015 - 09:57

"Data science," was born of  the scientific method, is the evolution of what has hitherto been known as a data analyst, but unlike it, data scientist should explore and analyze data from multiple sources, often huge (known as Big data), which may have very different formats. Data scientist also has a strong business vision to be able to extract and transmit recommendations to business leaders in his company.

19/05/2015 - 12:16

About a year ago I made a post about a stay at the University of Bergen by Staff Mobility week, following that experience I decided to organize an ICT week in the UPC, so I asked for help to the ICT community and Cabinet International Relations and Business (GRIiE).

The team that came after talks with GRIiE: Anna Fàbregas (GRIiE), Alex Mounted (DAC), Gabriel Verdejo (RDlab), Elizabeth Darnell (ICE), Joan Giralt (OSI), Luisa Romanillos (GRIiE), Monica Perez (ETSEIB) and Sandra Marsà (inLab).