Talent training program

inLab is a professional environment of innovative project development that incorporates the training of collaborators as a goal on its own.

The aim of this program is to achieve comprehensive training for students as a supplement to their regular studies through both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Program Goals

  • To contribute to the comprehensive education of students by complementing their theoretical and practical training.
  • To provide understanding of the appropriate work methods for the job positions they will occupy by contrasting and applying the acquired knowledge.
  • To encourage the development of technical, methodological, personal and collaborative skills, in accordance to the studies they are pursuing.
  • To obtain practical experience in order to ensure an easier access into the job market and improve their future employability.
  • To encourage the values of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • To reinforce the relationship between graduates and the institution.

Recipients of the program

Students enrolled in any of the courses offered by UPC, especially students of the FIB (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate), or by the Centers affiliated to the university.

The internships will be organized through specific educational training programs that will take place at inLab FIB and may be completed in external organizations and companies participating in the program.

Partnership program

The participation of companies in this program is organized through the sponsorship and collaboration in specific training projects aimed at the comprehensive training of students.

Want to know some of the students participating in the program?

Clara Bayarri, winner of the award to the best academic record during the Initial Phase, introduces herself in this video published in the blog Girls4Bits.


María José Rodríguez opens up and talks about her experiences as a student of the FIB and as a worker at inLab FIB in an interview published at the UPC website

If you wish to remove your contact information send an email to inlab@fib.upc.edu with the subject "Remove information".

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