02 Dec 2019

Hack The Box

Imagine being connected to a network in which you not only allow yourself to hack freely, but encourage it and rank you in hundreds of thousands of other hackers l

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The first weekend of the month of October 2019 took place Software Crafters Barcelona 2019, also known as SCBCN 2019. As a member of inLab FIB I had the opportunity to attend.

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Sergio Paredes is an exstudent who has been in the inLab for 3 years as part of the development team and

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Nowadays, cities must address the challenge of sustainable mobility. Traffic state forecasting plays a key role in mitigating traffic congestion in urban areas. For example, predicting path travel time is a crucial issue in navigation and route planning applications.

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Architecture Overview

In the current world we have smart objects providing data (such as parking detectors telling which parking spots are currently available), and smart-objects/applications willing to find this data (such as an intelligent car or mobile applications looking for available parking).

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Now that we are at the end of June and we have begun to work on preparing the laboratories for the next academic year, we want to show you how we manage the operating system installations in the FIB PC labs / classrooms.

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From June 13 to 15, the Rediris Technical Conference was held in Santander, bringing together ICT staff from all Spanish universities.

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This 2016 from inLab we have developed a new API for the FIB. The objective of the project was to give, in a structured form, the public information of the FIB.

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Distribució desl estudiants de la FIB per especialitats

The main purpose of data visualization is to communicate complex information or ideas in a clear, precise and efficient way, in a way that helps users to analyze and reason about data and evidence.

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Big Data

Since the creation of the Internet and increasingly, we have had data generated by many applications and we have within reach waiting to be used. Once, having and consuming all this enormous material could become a task virtually impossible or unfeasible both economically and technologically.

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Logo CAS 2016

Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of December, It was celebrated the 2016 edition of the CAS (Agile Spain Conference) at Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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26 Jul 2016


django REST framework

A very common way of obtaining information from different sources is with a REST API, which provides different API endpoints that are accessible in order to get certain data. Django REST Framework is a framework that allows us to easily create a Python REST API. Currently, this technology is used in various projects, such as the Racó API or the UOC índex project.

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Nowadays multicore architecture is everywhere. Who doesn’t have a cellphone or a laptop with more than one processor? This architecture offers new opportunities for the applications using it, because it doesn’t only provides more computing resources but also the capability of managing shared memory in order to enhance the performance.

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Figure 1. Distribution of Gambians emigrants' movements across Spain from 2001 to 2011

Nowadays, to understand the reality that surrounds us and to take right decisions is not an easy task. Simulation is one of the most powerful tools we can use to analyze, design and guide our decisions in many areas of study.

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