Racó Reengineering

Duration of the project:
July, 2009 –
July, 2011
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project
Racó Reengineering


El Racó of the FIB is the faculty’s intranet, to which all students, professors and PAS have access. El Racó of the FIB wants to be the gateway to all the services offered to the different groups and therefore is integrated or linked with the different information systems.

El Racó has existed since 1995 and has undergone several renovations, the last of which was made public in 2011. An internal restructuring and a new, more modern graphic design have been carried out, as well as a usability study.

El Racó is a living project in which new functionalities are continually being added. Since its implementation, improvements have been added, some of which are explained as a separate project, such as the management of Final Degree Projects (TFG).


The students, from El Racó will be able to obtain functionalities related to the enrolled subjects, such as:

  • View notices, grades and exam announcements.
  • Participate in the forums opened by the professors of the course.
  • Submit practices via web proposed by the professors of the subject.
  • View/complete the ECTS surveys of the subject (if I belong to the group).
  • Presentation/Votation/See subject delegate.
  • See the teachers of the subject.
  • See the schedules of the different groups of the course.
  • See the teaching guide page.
  • Enter memory, summary and key words of the PFM.
  • Introduction of the previous report, the date of reading, the report, the summary and the key words of the PFC.


The other functionalities to which students can have access are:

  • The Agenda.
  • Access to WebMail.
  • Access to public forums.
  • Search for students.
  • See news from student associations.
  • List of delegates of the subjects in which I have enrolled.
  • See the schedule. of the subjects in which I have enrolled.
  • inLab FIB and ESAII equipment reserves.
  • See the enrollment number and what I can enroll in (enrollment periods).
  • Personalization (personal data, personal web page, interesting links).
  • Subscriptions to services.
  • See the academic transcript.
  • View the profiles and the degree of achievement in each of them (for IE only).
  • Procedures with the secretary’s office (group changes, enrollment, request for recognition of ALE credits).
  • Change password.
  • Registration for the Selective Phase Workshops (FS students only).


Teachers will be able to access a series of functionalities related to their subjects from the Racó, such as:

  • Class lists in different formats.
  • Manage exam notices, grades and exam dates.
  • Open forums for the subject.
  • Configure the delivery of exercises via the web.
  • See schedules.
  • Access to the subject’s disk space.
  • ECTS survey results.


For teachers who are also in charge of a subject, the following functionalities have been added:

  • Maintain the information in the teaching guide in the three languages.
  • Send final grades.
  • Maintain the information of the teachers assigned to the subject.
  • See tentative schedules.


In addition to the subject-related functionalities, teachers can also use the following features:

  • Search for students.
  • Propose offers of PFCs, information on the PFCs in which you are involved or have been involved, request for resources for PFC students, view previous reports and PFC reports.
  • Participate in public forums.
  • Consult regulations and information of interest.
  • Follow up on your tutored students.