Study for the detection of soil water response by ModpoW

Duration of the project:
March, 2023 –
July, 2023
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Areas of expertise involved in the project
Study for the detection of soil water response by ModpoW


A machine learning model capable of detecting different phases, which occur naturally and at different depths, will be performed when a crop field is irrigated.

This detection will be made from the measurements collected by the sun water volumetric content sensors, which Modpow installs at different depths in the fields.

ModpoW has created a monitoring-based solution to optimize water and fertilizers in professional agriculture. The solution, which can save more than 30% of the annual consumption of water and fertilizer, monitors the data of liquid underground to elaborate a recommendation of irrigation to the farmers, according to the conditions in real time of each plot.

ModpoW is specialized in the creation of products based on wireless technologies, sensors and general electronics, oriented to the management and monitoring of natural resources.