I love bits

Duration of the project:
January, 2010 –
January, 2011
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
  • Miquel Rodríguez
  • Pere Abraham
  • Raquel Griñon
  • Àngela Medina
  • Josep Fernàndez Ruzafa
Areas of expertise involved in the project
I love bits


I love bits is a project promoted by the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona together with inLab that aims to inspire pre-university students to focus their post-compulsory studies in the area of computer science.

In recent years, the number of students enrolled in Computer Engineering has been progressively decreasing. In order to counteract this trend, the I love bits project is launching a campaign to emphasize the growing importance of information and communication technologies in society, the diversity of training options through the double degree agreements between FIB and other universities around the world as well as the wide range of job opportunities offered by the FIB’s Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

For the project it was put into operation:

  • the web page I love bits, which explains in detail the degree in computer engineering, the different specialties of the degree, the job opportunities after completing the studies or the constant innovation that characterizes the studies related to ICT and, therefore, computer science. The website also contains information on university life and student experiences.
  • Another part of the project consisted of the creation of the Twitter account of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona under the name I love bits, through which you can follow all the news and developments of the FIB and keep abreast of current affairs of the Faculty.
  • In addition to the Twitter profile and with the same objective, a Facebook page was also created, from which links and content related to the FIB and the campaign are shared.

With the intention of giving more visibility to the campaign beyond the various conferences held, the project also included holding a contest where students had to record a video explaining why “computing is more” according to them, upload it on YouTube and get as many votes as possible through the Facebook page. Thanks to the contest, the project got more diffusion of the campaign on social networks. Finally, printed T-shirts with the project’s slogan “I love bits” were also produced.

Throughout the campaign, we used SEO techniques for the website and also Google Adwords and Google Analytics tools. Searching for the keywords for which future students searched for us, taking into account the format of the URL, trying to get referrals from other pages, placing ads on Google Adwords are some of the topics that have been covered.