Jaume Figueras

Head of Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

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Jaume Figueras i Jové


+34 93 739 86 21

Jaume Figueras, born in 1974, had his degree in Computer Science in 1998. His research is in Automatic Control and Computer Simulation an Optimization. He has designed and developed CORAL, an optimal control system for sewer networks, applied at Barcelona (Spain); PLIO, an optimal control system and planner for drinking water production and distribution, applied at Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Murcia (Spain). Nowadays He participates in different industrial projects, like the power consumption optimization of tramway lines in Barcelona with TRAM and SIEMENS and the development of tooPath (http://www.toopath.com) a free web tracking system of mobile devices. He is also the local representative of OSM (http://www.openstreetmap.org) in Catalonia and participates in different FOSS projects.

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