The Talent program of the inLab FIB recognised by the ACUP

Wednesday 10 March 2021

The inLab FIB Talent program has been selected by the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) as a benchmark for good practices in teaching innovation at the eight Catalan public universities in the category of "training environments outside the classroom",
as a University-Society collaboration program. The news has been published today in the fifth edition of its portal of good practices.

The main purpose of the ACUP is to be the essential voice of the public universities of Catalonia and to join efforts to promote joint initiatives, programs and projects for the improvement of the university system and so that it constitutes an engine of social, cultural and economic development.

The ACUP recently interviewed Ernest Teniente (Director of the inLab FIB), María Ribera Sancho (Deputy Director and Academic of Talent) and Josep Casanovas (Advisor and former director of the inLab FIB) in which they had the opportunity to explain what the Talent program is and everything that it brings to its participants. As a result of the interview, the ACUP has published a news item on its website sharing all this information, and a video is also available on its YouTube channel.

You can watch the video here.

And read more information at ACUP: inLab FIB Bones Pràctiques. 

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