bitsxlaMarató is back: Hackathon for COVID-19

Once again the FIB sets up, together with the organizers of HackUPC and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the bitsxlaMarató, a hackathon dedicated to facing the challenge of Covid-19, this year virtually.

The Hackathon will include formative talks, guided activities and presentations of the proposed solutions to the challenges.

We already have 5 challenges:

  • Searching for similar patients: AI Doctor House conquers hard COVID-19!
  • Cough COVID-19? Help us distinguish your cough
  • Clinical-microbiological caracterization of SARS-CoV-2 infection at pediatric age.
  • Covid-Tracking on Campus!
  • COVIDTracking-Primary Health Care Centres: Help the front line of medical care! Automatise the tracking and monitoring of contacts and asymptomatic cases!

We encourage all of you to participate in a Hackathon full of solidarity, creativity, technology and health!

In addition, if you are a student at the FIB, you'll be able to recognize up to 2 ECTS when collaborating.

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