inLabers participate in the Google HashCode

Submitted by Karol Djanashvili on Mon, 24/02/2020 - 08:16

Last 20th of February, the Google HashCode was held, a competition organized by Google for students and professionals from all over the world. There was a system of judges, where once the participants registered, they had access to this online platform where they could form teams to compete with throughout the event, all teams had to solve the same problem with a limited time of 4 hours. The online qualification round started with a YouTube streaming that introduced an optimization problem and had to be solved by the tools and programming language selected by each team. 

The competition consisted of two rounds, the online qualification round and the final qualification round. The online qualification round was held yesterday in different locations around the world and the final qualification will take place at Google's Dublin office with those teams that in the first round obtained the highest score worldwide. They will work together in Dublin to solve other challenges where they will also compete for cash prizes. 

One of the places where the competition was held in Barcelona was at Everis Living Lab, one of the Hubs that Everis made available to participants in various countries around the world. Eleven inLab scholarship holders participated in the competition in three different teams. The team with the highest score worldwide scored 27 million points. The three inLab teams were close: the Divilopers team, consisting of  Àlex CatalánFerran Toda and Víctor Tomàs, received 24 million points, and the Marenostrum team, consisting of Gisela RuzafaGonzalo RecioJuan Salmerón and Víctor Diví, received 23 million points. Finally, the ShinyDucks team, formed by Àlex MasDavid SireraQuim Lázaro and Marta Gil, managed to reach 17 million points.

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