Hack The Box


Imagine being connected to a network in which you not only allow yourself to hack freely, but encourage it and rank you in hundreds of thousands of other hackers like you. Are you interested in the idea? Then keep reading.


Hack the Box is an online platform that unites hundreds of thousands of hackers. In the nucleus of HTB there is a network of machines ready to be violated and for you to practice your cybersecurity skills, in a totally legal way. The goal? Get to be root to prove you are the best.


The machines try to simulate, to a greater or lesser extent, a real server, with web pages, administration services such as ssh or telnet, download and upload files through ftp, Windows domain servers ... And to be able to get root you will have to use privilege escalation techniques, steganography, brute force, exploits, code analysis ... If you do not know where to start, I recommend the YouTube channel of IppSec, where you will find solutions for retired machines that are only available to users with VIP access (approx 12 euros / month).


On November 20, 2019, the first Capture the Flag was held for Hack the Box universities. It consisted of a total of 18 varied cybersecurity challenges in which more than 60 universities participated. The team of the UPV "VVBD", formed by five FIB students, participated in the qualification round and managed to position itself in position 17, obtaining a total of 775 resolving 6 of the proposed challenges.

GreyHat UPC

Do you want to meet other people interested in hacking? Do you fancy participating in security challenges with a team? Do not know where to start, but do you have a lot of interest? Join the GreyHat UPC association to be part of a hacker community with whom you learn and improve your skills, as well as competing in "Capture the Flag" competitions to test your knowledge. More information: https://www.greyhatupc.com/

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