Duration of the project:
September, 2013 –
May, 2014
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
  • Ignasi Marimon
  • Maite Gallardo


sportALERT is an application designed by inLab FIB -the laboratory of innovation and research in computer engineering of the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona-, to monitor the movement of athletes through the geolocation of their cell phone. The application detects unplanned user stops and generates an alarm. If the athlete does not cancel the alarm, a message with his or her location is sent to the previously indicated recipients.

The application is designed for people who practice sports, especially those who do it alone, so that family and/or friends can be informed in case something happens to them while practicing sports.

sportALERT monitors the athlete’s movement through cell phone geolocation. If it detects that the athlete is not moving when he/she should be moving, sportALERT triggers an alarm.

The application is highly customizable, since it allows you to configure features such as sending SMS only if the alarm is not cancelled, which will sound on the athlete’s cell phone. You can also choose the contacts to whom you want to send the alert message with the location so that they know where you are and can help you if necessary.

In addition, sportALERT has a quick access button with prevention of accidental presses to call an emergency number, in order to call for help as quickly as possible.

The application is based on inLab’s previous experience in athlete tracking applications and on the advice and knowledge of Professor Jaume Figueras, inLab’s GIS Project Manager and local representative of OSM ( in Catalonia.

Articles and presentations

“SportALERT”, una aplicación para ‘salvar’ deportistas Publicat a EFE Futuro, 24 de març 2014.

“SportALERT”, una aplicación para ‘salvar’ deportistas Publicat al MundoDeportivo, 24 de març 2014.

“SportALERT”, una aplicación para ‘salvar’ deportistas Publicat a la Vanguardia, 24 de març 2014