Duration of the project:
May, 2012 –
December, 2013
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:


SkiTraces consists of a website and a mobile app for iPhone and Android for tracking skiers on the slopes. Thanks to the SkiTraces buddy module, skiers and their friends or family can find each other on the map at any time. The location information is obtained by means of a reverse geocoding module, which converts coordinates into readable information such as the name of a slope or a ski lift within a ski resort.

The SkiTraces alarm module automatically sends an alarm to a defined set of mobile devices when the skier has not moved for a defined period of time. In addition, SkiTraces generates statistics and a record of the user’s activity such as, for example, the height and speed profile or the comparison between different descents of the same slope.

Specific SkiTraces services and maps are available in Europe and North America. The system uses geographic information from OpenStreetMap, which contains maps of most of the world’s ski resorts.

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