Eco-Counter a Sentilo

Duration of the project:
October, 2020 –
March, 2021
Project Manager:
inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project:
Eco-Counter a Sentilo


Eco-Counter is a technological company specialized in the counting of people and cyclists in the urban and natural environment for more than 20 years. They offer solutions ranging from sensors to data processing software.

The main objective of this project is to develop a service that allows the integration of data from the private platform of Eco-Comptadors within the Sentilo platform of the Garriga City Council ( /sentilo-catalog-web/). This platform is provided by the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

The result will be software external to both platforms. This will connect to Eco-Counters and communicate to Sentilo possible changes in the data or updates in the measurements (new measurements of a piece of equipment, new sensors, etc.). In this way, from Sentilo you can access the same information available in Eco-Comptadors (reading data).

This software can be configured to obtain the data belonging to an account within Eco-meters, in this case that of the teams of the Garriga City Council. It will also be possible to configure the Sentilo destí platform, in this case that of the Diputació de Barcelona. It is thus open to be used in other account configurations of other Eco-Comptadores clients or Sentilo platforms.