Detection of behavior patterns by quality systems by Kapture

Duration of the project:
January, 2023 –
April, 2023
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inLab FIB Team:
Areas of expertise involved in the project
Detection of behavior patterns by quality systems by Kapture


Kapture Intelligence is a company dedicated to design, develop, maintain, operate, manage, commercialize, distribute and exploit software, systems and computer products for quality management in the industrial sector.

Kapture Intelligence has developed a service called that offers customers tools for digitizing quality control processes and information exploitation through graphic tools and data aggregate with BI tools. The objective of this software is to collect all the data generated in industry, both in manual and automatic processes, digitize them and integrate them into a single platform.

This project designs and implements an algorithm based on various artificial intelligence models that will detect preventively through patterns, when a piece or a product is suffering a drop in the level of product quality.

This detection will be made from the measurements collected in hundreds of points over a certain period of time.

InLab FIB is responsible for the implementation of one or more AI models that are capable of detecting patterns and alerting them to those that can cause a drop in the quality level.