The Talent Program advisory board is established

Submitted by Anna Casas on Thu, 16/05/2013 - 13:07

In order to define inLab's Talent Program's strategic plans, on the 14th of May 2013, an advisory board has been established including representatives of the sponsor companies, FIB members and inLab FIB members.

Currently, inLab's Talent Program constists of six training programs and has three sponsoring companies: Everis, UPC and Coordina.

The board will meet once a year and, among others, their functions are to provide advice on decision-taking regarding the improvement of the specific training programs, as well as to propose new ones or deactivate an existing one if necessary, to validate assessment criteria and goal achiviement levels, to assess the strategic plans of the program, etc...

These are the members of the board:

  • Everis: Mr. Joan Costa (Technology Manager, Java Architecture)
  • UPCnet: Mrs. Rosa Castro (Innovation Director)
  • Coordina: Mr. Joan Marcos (Partner and Product Manager)
  • Dean of the FIB: Mrs. Núria Castell
  • Business Vice-dean: Mrs. Ruth Raventós
  • Director of Talent Program: Mr. Josep Casanovas
  • Programs' Academic Directors : Mr. Tomàs Aluja, Mr. Jaume Figueras, Mr. Pau Fonseca, Mr.Toni Guasch, Mr. Josep Ramon Herrero, Mrs. Maria Ribera Sancho
  • Professional Director: Sra. Rosa Mª Martín
  • inLab ex-member: Mr. Ramón Roy


UPC press notice [cat]: El programa inLab Talent de la Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona acosta l'estudiantat al món professional.

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