Sergio Paredes is an exstudent who has been in the inLab for 3 years as part of the development team and has collaborated in different formations. This month Sergio will leave the inLab and we have prepared an interview to get to know him and his experience in the company during these years.


Why did you decide to study computer science?

The truth is that since I was a Little kid I liked the subject of computers and video game consoles. At the high school I chose the technological baccalaureate and talking to my teachers I realized that I was very interested in the subject of programming. In the last summer of high school, I decided to do a course here at the Faculty of Computing of Barcelona about Introduction to Programming. I liked it so much that it made me finally decide what I wanted to study.


How did you meet the inLab? What did call you the attention to them?

I met the inLab through Rosa María Martín, who at that time was technic director of ​​the inLab FIB, she was the one who encouraged me to sign up for the job offers that were available at that time to be part of the team. I did the interview and from there I started working at the inLab.


How was the interview? What expectations did you have?

The interview I did was with Marta Cuatrecasas and Albert Obiols (responsible for two of the inLab areas).

My expectation was that the interview would be divided equally in one technical part and in other more personal part, but surprisingly the personal part occupied most of the interview. In fact, they were more interested in who I was as a person. At the inLab they look for motivated people, with initiative and desire to learn and not just people with an elaborated technical profile.


How was your first day of work? What project did you chose?

On my first day of work, I remember that my tutor, José Francisco Crespo, welcomed me and showed me the two inLab buildings. He introduced me to the rest of the teams, the projects they had, the way they had to work, etc.

In addition to the presentations, I was introduced to the project in which I was going to work, it was a project on mobile applications (BYNAPP) and I was going to do it with a colleague who had been working in the inLab for a few months.


Did you have knowledge in the area of ​​the project you started?

No. I had no experience in the technologies of the project I was going to use.


What is life like in the inLab? 

I remember that all my workmates welcomed me very well. In the inLab all strive to help in what they can, if someone has doubts, although not everyone know about that particular technology, they will try to help each other to solve the problem/doubt.


How has the inLab changed during the years you have been?

Since I entered, 3 years ago, the inLab has held all kinds of events to improve confidence and teamwork for example teambuilding events. That has made it possible to improve the confidence and attitude among colleagues and everyone knows that if they have any doubts and transmit it, we will all look for a solution.


If you had to choose the best time, what would it be?

The best time for me was before the summer of 2017, because there was a very good atmosphere in the room, the projects we were in were very interesting and I would say it was the best time for me.


What do you get from inLab?

Working at inLab has given me many things. I have learned both in the personal and in the professional field. From communication skills, negotiation skills and emotion management to different technologies and programming styles, different architectures…

I have learned a lot in both aspects. In addition, it has given me the opportunity to work on real projects with important companies such as SEAT.


What vision of the future do you have now? Where will you work?

Now that I have finished my degree, I decided to look for a job in Barcelona and I will go to work in a software development consultancy that follows a bit the line of the inLab project area.


Have you thought about traveling before working?

Working in the inLab has made it easier for me to travel throughout Europe attending different hackathons.


What would you recommend to a student who wants to enter a scholarship to inLab or to any company for the first time?

The most important thing is to be honest in the interview, not only to be hired or not, but the company will have a different expectation depending on what the interviewee has said or showed in the interview. That is why I believe that sincerity is the most important thing. If we do not know something, it is important to say it and not try to hide it.