From the situations of economic imbalance arising from the closure of activities, Acuerdos Online was born, a technological solution that encourages dynamic negotiation between the parties to the contracts that have been affected by the alarm decree. This tool wants to focus the role of economic recovery on the agents that make up the business fabric.

In an uncertain scenario that invites blocking in decision-making, we call for an active exercise of business intelligence, supported by the enormous European regulations and the most recent and majority Spanish doctrine, which promotes negotiation processes based on good faith.
No economic agent that has not closed agreements to keep their contracts alive can ignore this tool. Negotiating has become not only an obligation but an exercise of responsibility.

The operation is very simple:

Suppliers will first register and send their customers a powerful message of trust in the existing business relationship that has been affected by the COVID19 emergency.
The platform’s system will filter clients’ negotiation requests based on the activities affected and for a certain time; And if there is a volume of suppliers, entrepreneurs and freelancers will be allowed to visualize the viability of saving the business before surrendering, going to legal aid or ending up selling.

From inLab FIB, together with the lawyer Francesca López-Pinto and the computer engineer Benito Cerrillo, we have developed this open and transparent solution. Acuerdos Online s goes hand in hand with  Covidwarriors that collaborates with this initiative in order to help overcome the legal, health and social problems of the pandemic.
The creative Jordi Comas Montseny, the developer Rafael Miró Gris, Across LegalAronte and Nominalia have collaborated selflessly in the development and maintenance of the platform.