Simulation of Korean population Dynamics model


Big Data Software Platform ETRI research department is currently exploring new simulation concepts for developing an open full-scale individual based modeling simulation platform to analyze and predict socio-economic behaviors based on demographic changes, see in that video.

The goal of the research is to analyze South Korean demographic patterns with a demographic parallel simulation framework, called Yades, and analyze the goodness of fit in forecasting individual demographic processes.

Duration of the project 
June, 2014 - July, 2014
Benefits for the client 
  • To reproduce population dynamics in South Korea at the micro level
  • Simulate different demographic scenarios
  • Analyze future demographic changes
  • Support on the modeling of South Korean population dynamics: input data processing, modeling prototyping, definition of demographic models.
  • Run large scenarios (millions of agents) to reproduce demographic patterns in South Korea
  • Calibration of the model
  • Analysis of results
Simulador YADES
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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