Reengineering El Racó


El Racó is the school’s intranet, which is accessible to all students, faculty and administrative staff. El Racó is intended to be the gateway to all services offered to different groups of people and therefore is integrated or linked to different information systems.

El Racó has been around since 1995 and has undergone several renovations, the last one in 2011. It was internally restructured and was given a new more modern graphic design, and also a usability study was performed.

El Racó is an ongoing project in which new features are continually being added. Since it was first launched, enhancements have been developed, some of which are explained as separate projects, an example would be the management of Degree Final Projects.


Students, from the Racó, will be able to use features related to their subjects, including:

  • View notices, scores and calls for examination.
  • Participate in forum discussion started by the professors of a subject.
  • Hand in projects or practical activities.
  • View and fill out the ECTS surveys of a subject.
  • View, run and vote for the student representative of a subject.
  • View the professors of a subject.
  • View the different groups of a subject’s schedule.
  • View the syllabus webpage.
  • Insert the specifications, abstract and keywords of the Master’s final project.
  • Insert the preliminary report, the date of reading, specifications, abstract and keywords of the Degree’s final project.


Other available features for students are:

  • The Agenda.
  • WebMail access.
  • Public forums.
  • Student search.
  • Viewing the news of student associations.
  • List of the student representatives of the classes you are enrolled.
  • View your personal schedule.
  • Reservation of equipment (inLab FIB and ESAII).
  • Viewing your registration turn number and what subjects you may enroll (during registration periods).
  • Personalization (personal info, personal website, interesting links).
  • Subscription to services.
  • Viewing your academic record.
  • Seeing the profiles and the level of achievement of each subject.
  • Office procedures (change of groups, application the validation of elective credits).
  • Change your password.
  • Signing up for the Selective Phase workshops (only students on the selective phase).


Professors, from the Racó, will be able to access features related to their subjects, including:

  • Class list in different formats.
  • Manage notices, scores and calls for examination.
  • Open forum discussion threads for a subject.
  • Set up the delivery of projects and practical activities.
  • View the schedule.
  • Access the disk’s partition for the subject.
  • View the results of the ECTS surveys.


Professors who are also managers of a subject may use extra features:

  • Keep the syllabus information in the three official languages.
  • Send final scores.
  • Preserve the information of the professors assigned to the subject.
  • View provisional schedules.


Other available features for professors are:

  • Search students.
  • Propose Final Project offers, view information on the projects you have participated, request resources for students doing their final project, view preliminary reports and specifications of the final projects.
  • Participation in public forums.
  • Viewing school policies and other information.
  • Follow up students you are tutoring.
Duration of the project 
July, 2009 to July, 2011
Project Manager 

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