THIS: Transport Hub Intelligent video System

Duration of the project:
January, 2009 –
December, 2011
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Areas of expertise involved in the project
THIS: Transport Hub Intelligent video System


THIS aims to develop automatic behavioral analysis techniques through video processing focused on crowded scenarios and, in particular, on transportation areas such as ports, airports or train stations.

A motion detection and person tracking system was developed that did not require human intervention. As an example of the complexity of the developed system, it had to be able to categorize as an abnormal event the detection of people running towards emergency doors, but, on the other hand, not to consider it if they run in the direction of a closing door. In addition, the software had to be compatible with the systems already installed without the need to redesign them.

In addition to esCERTL-UPC, the following entities participated in the project:

  • CRIS (Italy)
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)
  • Bridge (Italy)
  • Vitrociset (Italy)
  • Zanasi (Italy)
  • Research and Education Laboratory in Information Technology (Greece)


Project Code: JLS/2009/CIPS/AG/C1-028