Duration of the project:
July, 2015 –
February, 2017
Project Manager
inLab FIB Team:
  • Rideo Software (UX/UI)
Areas of expertise involved in the project


The inLab FIB has collaborated with SEAT in the development of the Parkfinder prototype.

This prototype is a mobile application that integrates with the infotainment system of SEAT vehicles that have the mirrorLink system and allows you to locate car parks using information provided by the platform of the European iCity project framed in smart-cities.

Through a standard API for several cities, you can check in real time, among other data, the availability of a series of parking spaces of different types (such as: load/unload, green area, blue area …) that the user, through the application, can filter and sort based on their interest.

Once the user has selected the destination, the prototype communicates with the car’s navigation system in order to inform him in real time of the estimated time and approximate distance to the selected area.

In order to be able to certify the safety of its use while driving, it was necessary to develop a user interface that complies with the demanding “Drive Distraction Rules”.

The prototype has been successfully tested in the Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, and presented as a use case example of the iCity Project at the past Smart City Expo World Congress 2015.

From the inLab FIB of the UPC we want to thank this opportunity to innovate and develop new talent around the concept of connected vehicles, all the while hoping that the prototype will become an application in production within the reach of the end users of the car company.

This collaboration adds to the long history of collaboration between the company SEAT and the UPC, which since 2007 have developed, through the SEAT-UPC Chair, activities aimed at training, research and transfer of research results.

Articles and presentations

El grup SEAT-Volkswagen va presentar al passat Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 el prototip Parkfinder.