PRISMA: Academic management system of the UPC


PRISMA is an information system for the management of studies in the entire UPC that started being developed at inLab FIB in 2001. Throughout 2001, the UPC outlined the definition of the functional and organizational model for the management of studies. InLab then took charge of the construction of the information system derived from this study.

PRISMA was and still is sufficiently flexible and adaptable to the needs of the different agents involved in both the processes of the UPC and the requirements arising from, for example, the adaptation of UPC studies to the European Higher Education Area.

The project involved the analysis of requirements, the design and development of all the software, the architecture design and the selection of the operating environment, the implementation in the operating environment and corrective and upgrading maintenance. New quality control systems and continuous security verifications of the entire environment have been implemented throughout the development of the project.

During late 2005 an internal UPC unit was created in order to continue the upgrading maintenance of this project. Today, the PRISMA Unit is a unit within the Teaching Department that gives support to the management of studies in the UPC through the development of information systems, and it also provides support and training to its users. You may find more information on the PRIMA Unit website.

Duration of the project 
November, 2001 to July, 2005
Benefits for the client 
  • Simplifies the day-to-day tasks of academic management within UPC schools.
  • Provides a single data archive.
  • Offers tools to simplify decision-making.
  • The application is easy to use.
  • The management of 150,000 academic records for 27,600 enrolled students.
  • PRISMA is an information system in an online environment, which covers the three main aspects of course management: planning, development and assessment processes.
  • A management system that supports certain management processes for curricula, students and records, enrolment and assessment, final theses, economic management associated with enrollment, and communication with other systems (teaching intranets, Spanish Ministry for Education, Social Policy and Sport (MEPSYD), Catalan Ministry for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise (DIUE), etc.
  • Management Information Analysis System (SAID), designed to support the processes of planning and assessment of academic activities (information for decision making).
  • Analysis of requirements.
  • Functional and technological design.
  • Development and integration.
  • Design of the architecture for testing and operating the system.
  • Selection of the platform (hardware and software).
  • Analysis of the risks and system security.
  • Quality control.
  • Implementation in the preproduction and production environments.
  • Training.
  • User support.
  • Upgrades and corrective maintenance.
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Project Manager 

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