Marta Cuatrecasas

Head of Projects Area and Technology Promoter

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Marta Cuatrecasas Capdevila

+34 93 401 1616

Marta Cuatrecasas (MSc in Computer Science, graduated in e-Business Master). She works as IT Project Manager and coordinates the area of Project Development of inLabFIB since 2009, where she promotes good practices and common methodologies for software development and project management.  She’s interested in research and innovation in collaborative and distributed systems, geo-location information systems, Internet services and social networks. 

She has been the project manager for the ALSTOM project, a geo-location information system for train tracking and monitoring. She has also collaborated in some European projects like Extranet Education (ExE), Personalized Curriculum Builder in the Federal Virtual University of the Europe of Regions (CUBER), Reporting tool, web and Intranet for the Nobel project and Web and Intranet for the e-Photon ONe and e-Photon One+ Network of Excellence.

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