DOOR-TO-DOOR MOBILITY. Keys to the sustainable mobility of the future


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DOOR-TO-DOOR MOBILITY. Keys to the sustainable mobility of the future

Lidia Montero, responsible for Smart Mobility of inLab FIB will explain the advantages of creating “Digital Twins for mobility strategies” at the Door-to-door mobility day, where the keys to the sustainable mobility of the future are explored. The day will be held on May 31 at Casa Seat, we encourage you to attend, admission is free and you only have to register here.

Initiatives to define future mobility arouse great interest both in citizens and in companies and regulatory administrations. New technological trends allow an infinite range of possibilities to optimize and integrate travel and, therefore, improve the quality of life of citizens. As quoted in the EC’s ERRAC 2030 document: Climate change, increased demand for traffic, congestion, security and sustainable energy supply are some of the main problems facing the European Union and the rest of the world. At the same time, good accessibility is necessary for a society to function and guarantee economic development, job creation and new mobility paradigms that allow them to develop sustainable mobility models from door to door that provide a timely, reliable, safe, protected and profitable service as a service to citizens and companies.

In this conference we will present different technologies developed in the UPC that are being applied in real environments to solve mobility challenges, where variables related to the optimization and management of electrical load, the use of data to plan mobility, the new mobility services where the user is in the center, social equality, the digital divide, “Seamless mobility”, and even the COVID19 pandemic and changes in the behavior of the population to move, acquired a new weighting. We will also discuss how public-private collaboration should be able to coordinate global mobility solutions, which optimize transport, and generate business opportunities in companies.

UPC e IN-MOVE, by RAILGRUP collaborate in the organization of this day.

  • In-MOVE by RAILGRUP, Cluster Mobility and Multimodal Logistics have as a priority pillar helping companies in the mobility sector to improve their competitiveness through open innovation and technological cooperation models.
  • The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC generates knowledge and transfers it to the production fabric by developing R+D+i projects and participating in cutting-edge initiatives in the field of mobility.

Place Casa SEAT. Passeig de Gràcia 109 (Diagonal corner).
Date and Timetable: Tuesday 31st of May from 10h to 12:30h.


10:00h. Welcome and introduction of the day.

UPC Miquel Estrada. Rector’s delegate for the Urban Mobility KIC
In-move Ignasi Gómez-Belinchón

10:15h. Presentations

• Carles Llop. Urban, mobile and multifunctional microspaces that bring services closer to the end user.
• Elisabet Roca. Project Dignity. Mobility ecosystems to improve accessibility and social inclusion.
Lidia Montero. Digital Twins for mobility strategies.
• Josep Lluis Larriba. Project Flexitransport. On-demand transport services.
• Elisa Sayrol. Image processing to increase safety in personal mobility vehicles.
• Hugo Badia. Project eULTIMATE. Management model for electric buses.

11:30h. Debate Coordinated by Àlex Santos

Ajuntament de Barcelona
Globalvia (Metro Sevilla)
UPC Miquel Estrada

12:00h. FAQ time.

12:30h. End of the day