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inLab FIB UPC is a research and innovation laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics at UPC, specialized in applications and services based on the latest ICT technologies.

inLab FIB UPC has over 40 years of experience collaborating in cutting- edge projects, creating customized solutions for public and private institutions and organizations, and providing learning labs specialized in informatics engineering.

Nearly 70 people including academic and technical staff and students form our the inLab team, located in the International Campus of Excellence BKC (Barcelona Knowledge Campus).

Since June 2013, the security team to coordinate emergency in computer networks esCERT-UPC joined the inLab providing their entire knowledge and experience in Information Security.

In January 2014, inLab FIB joined as a member of the center CIT UPC, currently one of the largest technology centers in volume of technology transfer from Catalonia. With this addition we hope to enhance cooperation with companies and institutions and to cooperate with other members of the CIT UPC in more complex and multidisciplinary projects.

Since 2018 inLab FIB has been a member of the Digital Cluster. The Digital Cluster is a meeting place formed by a group of companies, entities and research groups with a link: ICT.

In March 2019, ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness, an entity attached to the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya, grants accreditation as a TECNIO agent to inLab FIB.

Until January 2019 we have been the teaching laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, access this link to see the services offered at the Teaching Laboratory.


Our mission

Innovate and transfer knowledge to society in the field of ICT, through the development of human talent and the realization of multidisciplinary R+D+I projects, especially in topics related to Data Science and Big Data; Smart Mobility; Knowledge and Service Engineering; Cybersecurity; Modeling, Simulation and Optimization; and ICT Learning Support Environments and Services.

Our values

These are the values ​​that determine the way we work and we try to transmit in our training program inLab Talent.


We work and strive every day to achieve the commitments and expected results.


We work together, promoting a cooperative environment, non-competitive between us, always aware that we can all contribute with something valuable.

Commitment and involvement

We strive to achieve the goals and objectives we set for ourselves as an institution.


We have the ability to learn new methods and technologies, also the the required flexibility to adapt to new situations.

Critical and positive attitude

We encourage constructive criticism and use it to work, bringing new and viable ideas to improve our work and team results. We are motivated for quality and continuous improvement, prepared to adapt to organizational or technological changes.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We are motivated to seek new challenges by providing creative solutions or outside the standard. We explore and develop new ideas, methods and strategies to promote innovation.

Sustainability and social commitment

We analyze and evaluate technological solutions by considering their impact on the environment, social justice and sustainable human development to contribute on the sustainability of our planet.

Respect and honesty

We establish a climate of mutual trust in our professional relationships, behaving ethically and fairly. We try to express our opinions in a clear and transparent way, defending our beliefs in a respectful manner.

Our vision

The ambition of the inLab FIB is to become a reference laboratory in R+D+I in information technologies, thanks to its multidisciplinary team and synergies with UPC research groups and collaborating companies. At the same time, it also wants to be a benchmark in the training and empowerment of ICT professionals, who are versatile in the face of technological and socio-economic changes.

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