S2D2: Software Security Driven Development

septiembre, 2014 –
noviembre, 2015
Equipo participante inLab FIB:
S2D2: Software Security Driven Development


The growing number of data hosted in the digital world provokes the need for a methodology to manage the security that can be applied in the different projects related to software development, where one of the most important assets will be hosted or circulate: information.

Although in recent years best practices have been developed for specific development phases and certain programming languages, there is currently no methodology that completely covers security over all phases of application development.

inLab has analyzed the state, and has generated a methodology to avoid the appearance of vulnerabilities during the development of a product and to facilitate its subsequent audit.

A tool has been created to facilitate the application of the methodology created for project managers. The procedure has also been tested in several projects carried out by our staff.

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