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ecrime Barcelona

esCERT-inLab-UPC, as closing of its 20th anniversary celebration, is co-organising with APWG.EU the eCrime2015 symposium. Prof.

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A Dojo is where martial arts are practiced. Dojo is a Japanese word that means "place where the way is studied" therefore it has a philosophical component that is beyond gym. In a dojo people works both body and mind.

Coding dojo is just a space to improve our skills as programmers.

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Jordi Montero Mentor al Barcelona Smart City App Hack


Jordi Montero of inLab FIB part of the group of experts who will guide and support participants of Barcelona Smart City Hack App.

App Smart City Hack is an international project led by Barcelona seeking digital solutions for smart cities, it will work on five areas: urban transport, energy and sustainability, culture and tourism, commerce and shopping and collaborative city.

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Smart City Expo

Today, 18 November, has opened a new edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress conference on sustainability issues and model efficiency/optimization of resources in the management of smart cities.

At our stand (F617, Hall 2) you can see the simulation results obtained from the configuration of building camps.

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Sergi Larripa (edited by Willtron)

CIT UPC has been accepted as a member of the working groups of urban mobility and sustainable building of the European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (SCC-EIP), this collaboration platform created

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FIB iMacs Lab

New equipment installed at Social Point mobile application laboratory.

Thanks to the donation that has made by the company Social Point has been able to equip the A5S104 classroom with 21 iMacs. 

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Awarded students: Manuel Bullejos on the left and Borja Moya on the right

Manuel Bullejos and Borja Moya, students of ETSECCPB (Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyers de Camins, Canals i Ports de Ba

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Creating Shared Innovation Centres is part of the strategy of the City Hall of Barcelona to promote technological progress in the city and make the public services more efficient, promote partnership between the City Hall and the ICT industry to promote the development of digital society and strengthen the brand image of Barcelona as an innovative and technology.

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Bergen Team mobility week 2014

A staff mobility week is like an Erasmus but for university staff, and only one week. This is an UE program and every European university can apply for this program. When I knew that I apply for this program and lucky me I was chosen and between 12 and 16 of May I went to Bergen to participate in the Staff Mobility Week (SMW-14).  The organizer of this week was University of Bergen (UiB).

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The startup incubator Incubio has made a commitment to the inLab FIB Talent programme.

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24 Feb 2014

inLab FIB at MWC2014

Aplicacions mòbils

This year at the UPC BarcelonaTech’s Mobile World Congress stand, inLab FIB will be introducing the latest applications developed over the last year: sportALERT and uTalk.

inLab FIB will be also participating in the MWC2014 Brokerage Event showing and explaining technological and research capabilities to the participating companies and institutions.

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CIT UPC is the largest technology center volume of technology transfer from Catalonia. With this addition we hope to enhance cooperation with companies and institutions and to cooperate with other members of the CIT UPC in more complex and multidisciplinary projects.

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In order to define inLab's Talent Program's strategic plans, on the 14th of May 2013, an advisory board has been established including representatives of the sponsor companies, FIB members and inLab FIB members.

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The Catalan company COORDINA, which specializes in GPS fleet location and mobile resources management and tracking, has recently become a sponsor of the inLab Talent Program of the UPC Barcelona School of Informatics.

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Portada de la web de la UPC

Maria Jose Rodrigez makes it to the cover of the UPC website. In this interview she puts into words her thoughts on her experiences as a student of the Barcelona School of Informatics and as part of the inLab Team.

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