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Barcelona had yesterday, November 14th, the opening of the Smart City Expo World Congress, which until November 16th, exhibit projects, knowledge, ideas and visions related to smart cities.

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The inLab FIB UPC will be present at the IoT Solutions World Congress that will be held in Barcelona, from 3 to 5 October at the Gran Via.

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The Quality Management System of the inLab FIB UPC has been audited and certified on 03/24/2017 and is in accordance with the requirements of the TECNIO seal accreditation process, based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and the EFQM model.

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Automobile Barcelona

From May 11 to 12, the inLab FIB will present the BIG IoT and CitEffect projects in the INNOVATION SQUARE of the AUTOMOBILE BARCELONA, Former International Motor Show of Barcelona, held at the Barcelona Fair (enclosure of Montjuic).

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Participants inLabers fora l'edifici de Microsoft

From 22 to 23 April 2017 was held CopenHacks, a hackathon that took place in Copenhagen and where the 150 participants have had 24 hours to create their free theme project. Seven of the participants are inLabers.

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Today, February 7th, 2017, is the international day of secure Internet and our responsible in cybersecurity Manel Medina warns us of the most common dangers of 2016 and gives us some recommendations to be safer on the Internet.

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Last March (11,18 and 19) the Hackaton Mobility BCN was held at UPC organized by CARNET and sponsored by SEAT and ALTRAN. In this edition, it was proposed to carry out developments related to Smart Mobility and the use of new technologies: smart vehicles equipped and last generation mobile phones, that integrate devices like cameras, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to have access to data that allow to improve the experience of mobility in the city in the near future.

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inLab FIB participates at the Brokerage Event organized by ACCIÓ at MWC.

This year we are present to offer our experience in issues related to cybersecurity and also to contact entities interested in participating in the "Open Call" organized by the European project "H2020 BIG IoT" in which we participate. We will also give a guided tour for students of the Talent Program to 4YFN.

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imatge coneixement

The Industrial PhD program is a strategic initiative promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, in co-operation with Catalan universities, public and private, which aims to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of Catalan companies promoting the development of R+I+D projects with high added value and the phds integration to business. 

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Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Barcelona saw yesterday, 15th of November, the opening of the sixth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC).

As in the previous congresses, inLab FIB is an active participant in this event. Besides the presentation of various projects, we also take part in the event as moderators in different sessions.

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Lidia Montero Mercadé, transport and smart mobility researcher at inLab FIB and associate professor of the UPC, has been awarded with the prize "Mujer y Gestión del Tráfico", that the Asociación

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IoT: New Business paradigm for SMEs? - IoTSWC side event

PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE - “IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?”, is the IoT Solutions World Congress side event organized by inLab FIB and the BIG IoT project. Which focused on new business paradigms based on IoT implementation in industry, services and daily life of citizens.

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UPC’s ICT services Day will take place for the tenth year in a row, on this anniversary it will focus on innovation and the enhancement of ICT at the UPC.

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Simulating the Future of Urban Mobility

On the 1st of June, inLab FIB will take part in the presentation of CARNET (Cooperative Automotive Research Network), an open hub focused on innovation and solutions to close the gap between automotive and urban mobility, a new initiative by SEAT, Volkswagen Group Research and UPC. During the CARNET presentation, you’ll be able to see some of the projects we have collaborated on at the demo area.

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Entrega de diplomes del programa Talent - inLab

El passat dia 26 de novembre, es va celebrar a l'auditori de l'Edifici Vèrtex l'Acte Acadèmic de la FIB als graduats del curs 2015/2016 on es van lliurar, entre altres, les acreditacions del programa Talent a: 

- Vanessa Büsing Meneses
- David Martínez Rodríguez
- Ferran López Provencio
- German Navarro Jiménez
- Joel Llàcer Martínez
- Marc Mauri Alloza


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