Entrenador colocando el Viper Pod al chaleco del jugador.

If we pay attention at the workout images of the greatest football teams, we can see that the players wear a sort of black jacket. This has recently appeared, so you may not know what this has to do with our area. The elite clubs are fully getting into the technology world.

We all know that Big Data technology is being applied in many different areas.

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Detall de les habitats que hauria de tenir un bon Data Scientist

"Data science," was born of  the scientific method, is the evolution of what has hitherto been known as a data analyst, but unlike it, data scientist should explore and analyze data from multiple sources, often huge (known as Big data), which may have very different formats. Data scientist also has a strong business vision to be able to extract and transmit recommendations to business leaders in his company.

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19 May 2015


About a year ago I made a post about a stay at the University of Bergen by Staff Mobility week, following that experience I decided to organize an ICT week in the UPC, so I asked for help to the ICT community and Cabinet International Relations and Business (GRIiE).

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UPCnet uTalk tagcloud

There is a revolution going on in the Internet, a revolution we all are living and enjoying. Social networks help us to communicate with each other, providing us with the ability to share our experiences anywhere, anytime. Social networks are great, but most of them lack something that makes them not to be the best choice when we use them in our working environment: privacy. So, why don’t we find a solution to those privacy problems, while still getting the benefits that good communication brings us? UPCnet uTalk is a social platform designed to achieve a compromise solution for these pros and cons.

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The Racó has API that is accessible via OAuth. Using it from a mobile application is not a simple task. In this article we will try to see how to do it from Android. At the same time, this serves as an example of how to use this kind of authentication in any other API that works with OAuth.

First of all, we will assume certain minimum knowledge on Android development.

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