TurnItOn, finalist at the enerTIC Awards

Our project "Energy Optimization System for Telework Assistance" has been a finalist in the Solutions and Services category at the enerTIC Awards 2020, awards for innovation and technology for energy efficiency in the digital age after the vote of the committee of experts formed by the associated companies and the Institutional Collaboration Network of the Platform.

Since 2013, the enerTIC Awards have rewarded innovative technology projects carried out by companies and organizations committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. In this call, both public and private organizations have presented their projects in 15 categories, including Digital Transformtion, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Infrastructures, Intelligent IT Infrastructures, Smart Territories, Renewable Energy, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Data Center , Smart Grid, Smart Lighting, Smart Mobility, Smart Product, Smart Vehicle and Solutions and Services.

The project we have presented has been "Energy Optimization System for Telework Assistance", is a web platform from which the energy status of computers in the work environment is managed, ensuring that they are only turned on for the necessary time. In this way, energy consumption is reduced and at the same time, the worker is provided with a simple tool to be able to turn on and off his computer whenever and wherever he wants, resulting in an essential tool for teleworking.

inLab FIB UPC is an innovation and research laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics of the UPC, specialized in applications and services based on the latest technologies. With more than 40 years of experience collaborating in innovative projects, developing tailor-made solutions for public and private entities, and offering the service of learning laboratories specialized in computer engineering. The inLab FIB is made up of approximately 70 people (faculty, technical staff and students) and is located on the North Campus of the UPC.

In addition, online voting is now open to vote for the finalist projects of the enerTIC Awards 2020 'Awards for innovation and technology for energy efficiency in the digital age'.

The online voting period will be open until November 6. We invite you to participate using your vote as a registered user, taking into account the criteria and bases established by this eighth edition.

For more information on the enerTIC Awards, finalists and call rules, visit: www.enerTIC.org/Awards


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